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Dragon Pipe Threading Kit

Upgrade Your Pipe Threading Game with Steel Dragon Tools® 300 - Includes 811A Die Head, 418 Oiler, and 1206 Stand Compatible with RIDGID® 15682

- Convenient oiling system: The machine comes with a 418 Oiler that provides a convenient way to lubricate the threads during the threading process. This ensures that the threads are properly lubricated, reducing the risk of damage to the machine and the pipes.
- Compatible with RIDGID® 15682: The Steel Dragon Tools® 300 Pipe Threading Machine is compatible with RIDGID® 15682, which means that users can easily find replacement parts and accessories for the machine. This makes maintenance and repairs easier and more convenient.

Looking for a reliable and efficient pipe threading machine? Look no further than the Steel Dragon Tools® 300 Pipe Threading Machine. This machine comes equipped with an 811A Die Head and 418 Oiler, making it compatible with RIDGID® 15682 standards. The machine is designed to provide seamless pipe threading with minimal effort, thanks to its powerful motor and sturdy construction. The 1206 Stand ensures that the machine is stable and secure during operation, making it a safe choice for any job site. Whether you're a professional plumber or a DIY enthusiast, the Steel Dragon Tools® 300 Pipe Threading Machine is an excellent investment that will provide years of reliable service.